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Ways to Have Hot Sex- For Those Days You Want to Savor It

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Do you ever have those times where you crave hot sex? Maybe you feel super sexy and want to express that. It could be that you deeply desire to pro-long your lovemaking session to savor the moments with your spouse.

There are many different flavors of sex, like funny, comfortable, or slow sex. Then there’s hot sex. It’s the passionate lovemaking that makes you go after pleasing your lover with everything you’ve got. It’s the kind that drives you wild when you think back about it.

If you’re in the mood for hot sex, here’s a few things you can try.

Create a Sexy Environment


Hot sex starts with the right setting. Light a few scented candles, cut on the right amount of light, and play something sultry.

Put on something that makes you feel sexy. Lingerie is as much for you as it is for your spouse. This goes for both the husband and wife. Check out the two posts I wrote, one for husbands and one for wives, about lingerie ideas.

Play an Adult Bedroom Game

One of the easiest ways to have hotter sex is to spend more time on foreplay. The longer you take to get to orgasm, the sexier you will feel. Playing adult bedroom games can help the desire build up.

Here are some of my favorite games:


Edging is when you bring your spouse to the verge of orgasm and then back off. After they have calmed down a little bit, then you start again. When you bring your spouse to edge a few times, it can make the orgasm even better.

You will have to practice at this one, because edging too many times can kill it for you. Over stimulation can occur, making it impossible to orgasm. That is disappointing. The first few times, only delay it once or twice to see how you do.

Use Prompts To Create a Sexual Adventure


If you are really creative, you can use word prompts to create a sexual adventure. Married Christian Sex has an online sex adventure generator that will give you the prompts needed. Or you can use sex dice to determine your next moves.

Sexy Talk

Many call this dirty talk, but basically you will use a language you have agreed upon ahead of time to turn each other on. If you and your spouse do not typically use vulgar language, then you need to figure out which words are ok and which ones aren’t. You can use this Bedroom language worksheet that I created to decide which words you like.

Bedroom Language Worksheet

Play around with sexy talk. It might feel weird at first, but the more aroused you become, the more natural it will be.


Moan and Make Noises

Moaning in your lover’s ear can be a huge turn on for them and you. In fact, making noises and moaning can lead to stronger orgasm. Be intentional with making noises while you are having sex. Purposefully moaning and breathing heavy can get your mind where it needs to be.

Record Yourself Making Noises to Play Later


If you are worried about being heard, you can always consider recording the noises ahead of time and playing them while you are making love. Or better yet, the next time you have sex, you can record the noise to play next time you are together. Then you can make sure that the sound is low enough that it won’t be heard, but it will give you the same effect.

I encourage you to not play soundtracks with other people making sexual noises. You should get turned on your spouse and not others. That is why making your own soundtrack can be a good idea.

These are some of the ways that you can have hot sex when you are craving it. Take time to slow down and savor your lover.

If you are interested in more ideas, check out the post I wrote on my other site-

Ways to Get More Excited During Physical Intimacy


How to do a Strip Tease For Your Spouse


I think that a strip tease for your spouse can be a great way to lead into sex. It can be fun and exciting for both of you to undress in front of the other. The problem is, how do you strip for your husband or wife?
I’ve got a few tips for you if you aren’t sure what to do. Just so you know, these tips will work for both a husband or wife. Yes, I’m suggesting that a husband strip for his wife.

Whatever You Do- Do it In Confidence

To be honest, stripping can make you feel really self-conscious or like a giant idiot (or maybe that’s just me). The best thing to do is to develop the mindset that whatever you choose to do, do it in confidence. If you’re going to take off your shirt, take it off confidently. Don’t have a questioning look on your face, just take it off.

Put on The Right Clothes


If you’re going to plan a strip tease ahead of time, make sure that you wear clothes that you can get off without a lot of fuss. I know it seems sexy to seductively unbutton shirts and pants, but it can be kind of hard to unbutton when you’re nervous.

It is also a good idea to have on a few extra things to remove while you are teasing your spouse. You can add accessories like hats, jewelry, tie and cuffs, etc.

Play Music

Choosing the right music can help you relax and have fun. Put on something that you can dance to or a sexy jazz piece. Playing music can really fill the silence and help you not feel as awkward.


Use the Right Lighting

You might not feel confident enough to have the lights all the way up, but you want enough light for your spouse to see. White Christmas lights can cast a beautiful glow. Hanging lights in your room make it easy to get the right amount of light quickly.


Take Your Clothes Off Slowly

Of course, you can always do a lot of bending over and touching your toes. That will give your spouse a great view of your backside. Other than that, I don’t know what to tell you other than go slow when taking off your clothes.

Ask your spouse if they want you to stand a certain way or do something specific. They are your best teacher.

Wink at Them

Make eye contact with your spouse often and wink at them. You have their attention- let them know they have your’s also. If you turn your back to them, look over your shoulder so you can see their face.

Laugh- a Lot

Don’t forget to laugh and have fun while you are taking your clothes off. Smile! You don’t have to paste a sultry face on yourself and never look happy. Duck lips are highly over rated if you ask me.

Just have fun. Your strip tease doesn’t have to be perfect to be sexy. Putting yourself out there brings a lot of excitement to your bedroom.

Other things on my mind this week:

The girlfriend effect- becoming your husband’s girlfriend again

Listen to us talk about flirting in marriage on Facebook Live

Check out this bedroom game called Behind Closed Doors. It comes with a board game and cards the help you build a sexual adventure. Along the way, you collect cards that you will use to have an exciting night of sex.

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Dirty Talk Worksheet

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I’ll be honest, I hate referring to anything in marriage as dirty. I know that people are aware of what dirty talk is, which is why I titled this the way I did. However, Austin and I like to call it a bedroom language.

We are big believers in developing a bedroom language that is a set of private words that are only exchanged between you and your spouse. Some of these words may be ones that are traditionally seen as cuss words or vulgar language. That is not to say that using these words has to be off limits with your spouse if you both agree that it is ok.

Listen to what I have to say about dirty talk on this Facebook Live video.

Dirty Talk Worksheet


I’ve put together a worksheet that you can download and print off to go over with your spouse. Answer these questions together so that you can develop your own bedroom language. Figure out together what works for you and what doesn’t.

If either of you are uncomfortable with certain words or phrases, be sure to avoid them. The thing about a bedroom language is that is should turn you on and make you feel sexy- not degraded or guilty.

Dirty Talk Worksheet


Also, feel free to read more about what I have to say on this topic over at Love Hope Adventure. I talk about whether or not this is something that you should do in your marriage. 


What To Do When He Can’t: Erectile Dysfunction in Marriage

In the interest of full-disclosure (read: don’t hate me if I’m wrong) I have to say that I’ve not personally experienced this problem chronic erectile dysfunction. I’ve had one instance. So, admittedly I’m coming at this from a position of relative ignorance. However, being a man, and drawing from my limited experience I can try to imagine what goes through a guy’s head when this is happening. This is going to have info and suggestions for both husband and wife, so it might be worth sharing with your spouse.

I offer my thoughts humbly and with an open mind for your input. As I always say, this is a community and we highly value your input.


First off, we have to recognize that there are SO many factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction. One of the recurring themes in the list of factors I’ve linked to is blood pressure. This makes sense because erections are caused by blood flow to the penis. Low blood pressure can be caused by medications like antidepressants, blood pressure medication (obviously), and even antihistamines. It can also be complicated by heart conditions, obesity, alcohol and tobacco use, age, and even bicycling!

Uncapped amber medication bottle and tablets

There are other physiological causes like surgery, trauma to the pelvic region, fatigue, radiation therapy, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. These can result in short-term or chronic erectile dysfunction.

ED can also be caused by psychological issues. Depression, pornography, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, conflict and insecurity can combine with physical factors, or even cause ED on their own.

Wives, I list all these many reasons to get to one basic point: it’s not necessarily you. I know that as a wife it’s hard not to assume that he’s lost interest. “Maybe he doesn’t find me attractive anymore because I am older/had a baby/am pregnant/cut my hair/had surgery/a million other concerns.” Husbands, remember that this is affecting her, too. Give her time, and assure her of your love and desire for her.

If your husband tells you that he still loves you, finds you attractive, and wants to have sex with you, give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t let self-doubt become a wedge between you and your husband. Accept his assurances. Move forward in trying to understand what he’s going through.


Let me begin here by saying that ED does NOT mean you aren’t a man. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a real man. It means you have a symptom of some underlying issue, whether bodily or mentally. That being said, it doesn’t feel like it.

Ladies, I want you to remember how important a man’s sexuality, sexual performance, and penis are to his identity and sense of self-worth. There’s a reason the penis is sometimes referred to as our “manhood.” It is so closely tied to exactly that, our manhood, our masculinity.

When a man’s penis is not functioning properly, it feels like a failure. It means he cannot sexually perform, which also feels like a failure. He can feel like he’s letting you down, like he’s not really a man.

The Erectile Dysfunction Spiral

Erectile Dysfunction Spiral

As mentioned above; stress, anxiety, and depression can cause ED. Combine that with the feelings of failure, and you can imagine the spiral that can happen here. An onset of depression that causes ED, which causes performance issues, which causes anxiety and depression, which worsens the ED, which causes more anxiety…

If your erectile dysfunction is primarily caused by psychological factors, it’s important to try to halt this spiral. Guys, remind yourself and ladies remind your man that it doesn’t make him less of a man. Wives, remind him of your love, admiration, and respect for him. Call attention to those other aspects of his masculinity that make him the man you want to be with.

Get Creative

If you’re having ongoing problems with ED, you should definitely see your doctor. If it’s determined that the issues are likely psychological, it may be time to get creative. As always, decide at the outset to tackle this situation as a team.

If there are possible relationship issues in the marriage, address those. Try to reduce stress and anxiety in appropriate ways. If porn is a problem, address it. Consider seeing a counselor.

You may also want to get creative in the bedroom. Take things slowly. Change up the routine. Explore more foreplay. Celebrate small victories along the way, and don’t place expectations too high right away. If things don’t change immediately, don’t get discouraged.


The important thing in the case of ED, like any other situation you face in marriage, is to face it head on as a team. Give each other grace, patience, and compassion. Assure each other of your love, desire, and commitment to one another. You will get through this.

10 Sexy Questions You Can Ask Your Spouse


Talking about sex can be a great way to get in the mood. If these type of conversations do not come naturally to you, ask them these sexy questions.

If you want a printable version of 30 sexy questions to ask your spouse, you can check them out.

30 Sexy Questions You Can Ask Your Spouse

1. What is Your Idea of a Romantic Night?

Everyone has a different idea of romantic means. Talk together to understand what makes the other person feel relaxed and romanced.


2. What do You Think When You See Me Naked?

Your spouse wants to know what you think of their body. Let them know often how they turn you on.

3. Is There Something Specific That You Find Me Sexy In?

Sexy Lingerie

It’s always fun to learn what your lover likes to see you in. When you know the kinds of styles they prefer, you can always surprise them by wearing something new to bed.

4. What Part of Your Body do You Like Me to Kiss The Most?

Kissing provides intimate foreplay between a husband and wife. This can be kissing anywhere on the body as well as orally stimulating their erogenous zones.


5. What is Your Idea of Hot Foreplay?

Often times, I have readers share that they wish their spouse would spend more time on foreplay. One of the reasons I think it gets excluded is because the other person doesn’t know exactly what to do.

Related: Foreplay Moves That Will Actually Turn You On

6. If We Could Try a Different Sex Position Tonight, What Would It Be?


Need some inspiration for new positions? I love to look at the positions on Christian Friendly Sex Positions. The owner and I have been working on some projects together.

7. Would You Ever Want to Mutually Masturbate?

Some couples say that sitting in front of one another and stimulating themselves can be a big turn on. This might be something that you end up enjoying.

8. Do You Like Me To Talk While We Are Making Love?

I’m not a huge fan of using the phrase, “Dirty Talk”, but I think that talking can be a huge turn on. Letting your lover know that they are pleasing you can help you both enjoy the time more.

9. Describe in Detail What You Would Like To Do Next Time We Have Sex.


Talking about your plans ahead of time can have two fold benefit. One- you both know what to expect. Two- it can help you anticipate the encounter more.

10. How Can We Change Things Up In Our Love Life?

Work out together the things that you both might find fun and adventurous in the bedroom.

Want more questions like this? Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and receive a copy of my free Sexy Truth Or Dare Game.


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Is it Wrong to Masturbate in Marriage?

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The other day, Austin and I had a reader ask us if it is wrong to masturbate in marriage. They even asked if it would be considered to be cheating for them to do this. It was apparent that they needed to have sex more often than their spouse was willing.

We decided to tackle this topic on Facebook Live. You can watch it, but this is basically what we said.

Is Masturbating in Marriage Wrong?

We started with clarifying what the Bible has to say about masturbating- and here’s the thing, it doesn’t address it. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other Biblical principles that we can point to in order to decide if we are doing something wrong.

There are two reasons that we could think of where masturbating in marriage could lead to sin for you.

Watching Porn

Many times, this sex act is done alone while watching porn. There are scriptures that talk about not looking at others in their nakedness. Viewing porn is a sin and if you are looking at it, then this is where you are wrong.

Take Care of Yourself in Secret

The other thing that happens in marriage, is that one spouse will sneak off to masturbate. Keeping secrets and lying to your spouse is wrong. Going off and taking care of yourself in secret, even if porn isn’t involved is sin.

Masturbating Isn’t The Problem

Masturbating itself is not the problem. In fact, mutual masturbation can be a great thing to add into your sex life with your spouse. When you are both together and pleasing yourselves in front of the other as a way of building intimacy, that can be great.

If you are using a new toy and trying to teach your spouse, or want to add to the visuals, this can be a really exciting act.

The problem with masturbating is when it replaces intimacy in your marriage. Even, if your spouse is ok with you taking care of yourself so they don’t have to, it’s not a good idea.

Relieving the Pressure Can Harm Your Marriage

preserve your marriage

Many times in marriage, you have one spouse that is high drive and one that is lower drive. If the higher drive spouse takes care of themselves, they will not have the motivation to work through the intimacy issues in their marriage.

I hear many heartbreaking stories from men and women that are in sexless marriages. My heart goes out to them. Many have resigned themselves to taking care of themselves for the sake of their sanity. I get that.

What I encourage you to do, instead, is to continue to go to your spouse and share your needs. Be sure that you present them the problem you are having and ask them in earnest to help you figure out the solution. Also, you have to be willing to admit where you are failing them on meeting their needs.

What About Masturbating While Away From Each Other?

This is not a question that I can answer for your marriage. If you and your spouse are separated for whatever the reason, the two of you guys need to decide how you will handle it. Have the conversation, no matter how uncomfortable you feel about it.

If you decide that taking care of your needs while away from one another is ok in your marriage, you need to come up with ground rules. Be clear that no porn is to be involved. You may decide that these sessions are to be done while on the phone. Or you may want to have some other form of accountability with one another.

What Will Add To Your Intimacy In Marriage?

The real question to ask in marriage is, “What will add to the intimacy between us?”. Many times, we focus on right and wrong too much. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t ever put down hard lines on what is right and wrong.

What I am saying, is that there is more to life than just being right or wrong. The real focus needs to be on fostering intimacy in your relationship.


You Need a Sex Date

I’m a huge advocate of dating in your marriage. Dating is a time where you and your spouse can come together to focus on one another. Of course, you have to make the commitment that you are going to put away your phones and spend the time talking about things other than your responsibilities.

There are many types of dates you can incorporate into your marriage. I think that sex dates is definitely one of those.

What is a Sex Date?

Basically, a sex date is a time when you and your spouse are going to spend the time having sex. I know it can seem a bit daunting to schedule a couple hours to be intimate, but this can be a lot of fun.

When you block out this much time to have sex with one another, you are going to have time to be adventurous. It can be hard to try new things if you are on limited time every time you are intimate.

What to Do on a Sex Date

To have a successful night with one another, you need to put together a plan. It would be good to discuss your expectations ahead of time. Knowing what the other has in mind for the date will help you have a better experience.

Here’s a few ideas for your sex date.

Dine in Lingerie or the Nude


Just because you plan to enjoy physical intimacy with one another, doesn’t mean you can’t eat. If you have the ability, you can have dinner for two while dressed in something sexy or nothing at all.

Have Sexy Conversations

Whether you are having a meal together or not, steer your conversations to sex. Here are a few prompts that you can use to get yourselves in the mood.

  1. What did you think the first time you saw me naked?
  2. What was the best part of having sex the first time?
  3. How do you think we have matured in our sex life from the beginning?
  4. What position would you like to try tonight?
  5. Describe to me your favorite part of my body in detail.
  6. If you could kiss any part of my body right this second, what would it be?
  7. What does it feel like to orgasm?

Talking about these things will get you in the mood, as well as help you both learn more about your sexual preferences.

Play a Bedroom Game


One of the reasons that Austin and I have created so many bedroom games, is we realize how beneficial they are. When you have cards that give your foreplay prompts, it helps you enjoy your intimacy. For one thing, you don’t have to try and figure out what you want to do, which takes a lot of pressure off.

The other great thing about bedroom games, the prompts can take you outside of your comfort zone. What’s written on the cards may not be things you’ve tried before.

These are my favorite bedroom games-

Try a Different Position

There are so many different sex positions that you can try during your date night. I would suggest that you pull up a few ideas and try more than one. My favorite place to get sex position ideas is at Christian Friendly Sex Positions.

Dance in The Nude

Put on some music that you can dance to. Either start with your clothes off, or take them off as you go. This is a good way to enjoy your time together.

These are a few of the things you can do on your sex date together. After a night like this, you will feel re-connected.

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3 Things That Will Kill Your Libido and How to Get in the Mood

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The other day, I realized that I hadn’t really been in the mood lately. I’ll be honest, it took me by surprise a bit, since I write about sex so often. Regardless, I had disconnected from those desires for a few weeks.

I started thinking about the things that can kill your libido and what to do about it when you get to the point. Here are a few things that can cause you to have less of a desire.

1. Sick or Tired


Your physical state is going to have a lot to do with your desires for sex. If you have been exhausted lately or sick, you will have a harder time being ready.

When I was having less desire, I had been sick with a cold for more than a week and a half. My physical state was completely off, and I was starting to feel it. I was beyond exhausted many days in a row.

2. Stressed Out or Too Busy

The day to day routines that you keep will affect your relationship. When you are too busy and stressed out, your mind will have a harder time focusing on relaxing activities.

I find that when I’m stressed or the days are too full, I go to bed with my mind racing a 100 miles an hour. My ability to switch gears into an intimate time is very difficult. Coupling a busy schedule with a physically exhausted body and there’s little hope for getting in the mood.

3. Not Having Sex Regularly Enough


When you have sex on a regular basis, you will crave it more. The more your orgasm, the more your body needs the orgasm. If you and your spouse are not having sex every few days, your body may not have as much of a need for it.

How to Get In The Mood

Once you figure out what’s killing your mood, you need to make changes in your life. If you are tired, get more sleep. If you are stressed out or too busy, take something off of your plate. If you are not having sex regularly enough, schedule it more often.

There are a few other things I suggest that can help you get in the mood when you are struggling.

Make a Commitment Earlier In The Day

Go ahead and decide earlier in the day that you will have sex that night. Let your spouse know that you want to be with them later on. This will give you both a goal to reach and your night can be planned accordingly.

Flirt Ahead of Time

Get really flirty with your spouse before you head into the bedroom. It can start as early in the day as you like. Either way, before you get into your room, get playful with your lover. Wink at them, pinch their butt, whisper something sexy in their ear- whatever you do to flirt.

Put on Sensual Music

When you get in your bedroom, put on sensual music that you both can enjoy. I personally like instrumental jazz music that has a heavy sax line. Whatever types of music gets you in the mood, go ahead and start playing it.

Spray a Sexy Fragrance

I’ve talked before about establishing a sex fragrance. This is a scent that you will spray or put on every time you have sex. Over time, you will learn to associate that fragrance with sex. When you smell it, it’ll help you get in the mood.

Get Dressed in Something You Feel Good In

Whether it is lingerie or something more comfortable, put on an outfit that you feel good in. Wearing certain clothes will tell your mind that you are about to have sex. It can help you get there.

Talk About Sex With Your Spouse

Thinking and talking about sex will get your mind where you need to be. You can have a conversation with your lover while getting ready about the things you want to do with one another. Describe in detail the things you want to do with each other.

Stand In Front of The Mirror Naked

I know this might be a stretch for some, but looking at yourself and your spouse naked can help you feel aroused. Getting yourself into sexual positions that you can see can help you feel excited.

Play a Sexy Bedroom Game

Truth Or Dare Bedroom Games For Couples

A sexy bedroom game will get you and your spouse engaged in some great foreplay. Sexy Truth or Dare or It’s Getting Hot in Here are two of my favorite bedroom games. Both of these have sexy suggestions already done for you so you don’t have to think about what to do next.

Have Sex

If you didn’t know, women are often not in the mood before they start having sex. They tend to get there after they get started on foreplay and love making. If you aren’t in the mood, go ahead and initiate. This is sure to get you excited.

These are a few ways that you can get in the mood even if you are tired, stressed, or busy.

Foreplay Moves That Will Actually Turn You On

I have no idea why I even bother with Google anymore…. I feel the entire internet is crawling with less than helpful articles. I just read 3 articles on foreplay that sounds like a 15 year old wrote them.

The lack of creativity that I read in “spice it up” posts is enough to make me realize that the need for real tips is legit.

So, here are some foreplay moves you can try out tonight that will actually turn you on.

Nipple action for him and her

Don’t neglect the husband’s nipples or the wife’s nipples. If you haven’t taken the time to suck, lick, or lightly bite one another’s nipples, then it’s time you do. This is going to require some communication, because your spouse may have sensitive nipples.

Start out gently swirling your tongue around their nipple. Going at them too hard can cause over stimulation. If it feels good to them, then start sucking some.

Work your way up to gently biting. You can hold their nipple between your teeth and move your tongue back and forth if biting it too intense.

Lick and suck on their belly button

Here’s a foreplay move that I’ve NEVER heard anyone talk about. If your spouse has a sensitive belly button, this can be a great turn on for them. To see if this is an erogenous zone for your lover, put your tongue in their belly button and move it around some.

If they like it, then you can move to creating a suction over their belly button with your mouth. Place your mouth over their belly button and suck in like you are trying to drink from a straw.

Suck on and gently bite their earlobe

Kiss and lick your spouses body

Take the bottom of their earlobe into your mouth and suck on it some. Hold their earlobe in your mouth between your teeth and rub your tongue back and forth. Wet down their lobe and then gently blow on it- or better yet, whisper something sexy in their ear.

Kiss and lick their neck

Start kissing all over their back of their neck. I wouldn’t suggest the front of their neck, because it might break their concentration if you get on their throat. However, stay on the back and side with kissing. Move to licking and sucking. (Hickies are optional)

Ladies- play with his balls using your hands and tongue

This is something specific the ladies can do for their husband. Gently hold his balls in your hands and move the balls back and forth. You can also kiss his balls (guys you might want to shave for this) or lick them.

Here’s a great post from J about making most of his manhood and outlining how to play with his balls.

Men- gently rub her clitoris with lube

Rub your spouses body with your hands

Here’s a specific thing men can do. Put lubrication on your fingers and gently rub her clitoris or the area around it. Please don’t rub on her clitoris without lube….because she will likely hate it. Lube is completely necessary- spit isn’t going to work.

I won’t re-invent the wheel on this one, because El Fury wrote a really great post on how to rub a clitoris.

Kiss and lick their back

You can seriously just put kiss and lick almost all of the parts of their body on the list. Explore your spouse’s body with your tongue and lips. This will help you both figure out where their erogenous zones are. It is going to be different on each person.

Play with erogenous zones through silk material

Place a silky type of material over your erogenous zones such as breast, nipples, penis, vagina, etc. and gently rub across those areas. The light tickling feeling may be very stimulating for your spouse. You could also gently rub the silk materials over those areas to see how they respond.

Oral sex

I don’t want to leave some of the more obvious types of foreplay off the table. Oral sex can be a great way to start and finish your spouse. Just be sure that you discuss ahead of time if this is how they want to finish, and if so, what will they do for you.

Ladies- check out this Oral Sex How To by J over at Hot Holy Humorous.

Look at your spouse pleasing you in a mirror

Use a mirror during sex

I’m all for mirrors in the bedroom. While your spouse is licking, sucking, biting, rubbing, the various areas of your body, look into a mirror. If you don’t have one that you can see in on your wall, then use a hand held mirror. In fact, a smaller mirror can be just as effective.

Rub your body over theirs

Just rub your body all over theirs. Have them lay on their stomach and you can rub your chest all over them. Then they can flip to their back and you can repeat the process.

I realize this is not all of the foreplay moves that you can try with your spouse. I stayed away from anal play altogether, because frankly, I think it is unsanitary.

Here’s the thing with foreplay, your spouse is going to like different things than you do. The best thing you can do is to try different things for them. Also, they need to really be listening to their body as you give them pleasure so that they can tell you what they think will feel good.

I hope that you enjoy the next time that you spend on foreplay and try out some of these ideas.

Sexy Truth Or Dare Bedroom Game

Sexy Truth or Dare

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Sex Toys For Men That Enhance Intimacy in Marriage

There are a lot of sex toys for men on the market that I wouldn’t recommend. Often times, these toys are designed for solo sex and there is no place for that in marriage. However, there are some toys on the market that are designed to help a husband and wife enjoy their time of intimacy better.

I’ve talked about sex toys before and shared that there are some on the market that can enhance your time with your spouse. If one or both of you struggles to reach orgasm, some of these toys can help you with that.

I wanted to highlight a few of these sex toys for men and share with you the purpose of them.

Sleeves or Hand Strokers

A penis sleeve or hand stroker can be used by your wife to stimulate you. Once you are erect, she can place the sleeve on you and bring you to orgasm that way. This type of toy can add a lot to her giving you a hand job.

If your wife is not able to have intercourse with you for some reason, this can be a good solution for you guys to connect sexually. In turn, you can use a vibrator on her as a way to please her.

This is a good solution for when she is on her period, certain times in her pregnancy, or if she is dealing with some other physical ailment. If she has been put on pelvic rest due to pregnancy or UTI, then you need to clear it with a doctor before you use a vibrator on her.

Power Stroker 

Stud Stroker:

You may find that this is a great addition to your sexual repertoire to change things up in the bedroom.

Penis Rings

Did you ever walk into a bathroom and see this type of sex toy being sold on the wall? I haven’t seen anything like that in a long time, but I used to.

Honestly, I didn’t understand this type of toy until I talked with the owner of Married Dance. He told me that it is really for those that struggle to keep their erections. This is not a toy that is designed for a male that has a strong erection the entire time.

Penis Ring 

Penis Pumps

This is another type of toy that can help men that suffer from ED or find it hard to get an erection. The penis pump is designed to help pull blood into your penis so that you can get an erection.

There are other factors that can keep you from getting hard, such as stress, being tired, and reactions from medications. Using a pump can help you become stimulated enough so that you can have sex.

Ultimate Sta-Hard Kit

Like I said at the start, there are plenty of toys on the market for men that are not beneficial to your marriage bed. These toys are made for guys to masturbate with or play out fantasies on their own. The toys I’ve highlighted are designed to enhance your time together.

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