I Don’t Feel Sexy Anymore- This is What I’m Doing to Change That

I got really honest on my Facebook live today. I talked about how I am struggling to feel sexy with my recent body changes and what I’m doing about it.

I know you’ve felt this way about your body at some point. You’ve no doubt aged, had kids, or whatever other life factors have contributed to body changes.

For me, I lost a crap ton of weight. I’m smaller now than I was in my teenage years. I know you’re probably thinking, wow I hate you, but I want to let you know that losing tons of weight does not mean you’ll have better self esteem.

Body Changes Always Affect You

I went into my favorite store two days in a row looking for new clothes. They were having a major clearance sale- and do you know how many things I found that fit me? Zero. I tried on 50 things, and not a single thing worked.

(Btw- this was a nice dress, but it was pretty impractical for my daily life, so I left it there. However, I have a wedding to attend in a few weeks, and I kinda wish I had it now.)

Yeah- I walked away pretty discouraged. Since my body has changed shapes (for like the 3rd time in my life now) I’m struggling to know what I look sexy in.

Want to know how I’m doing about it? I asked Austin. He’s the one I want to sexually attract- so it seems to make sense.

It’s time you believe your spouse. When they tell you that you look hot, sexy, handsome, beautiful…believe them. Stop trying to read into every word or gesture. Just take them at their word.

I’ve had many readers write in and tell me that they do not think their spouse finds them attractive. Unless they are married to an absolute jerk (which they may be), that’s probably not the case. If your spouse is generally kind, caring, and loving towards you, you can bet your sweet Bippy they are probably telling you the truth about the way you look.

Don’t know what you look sexy in?

Time to ask your spouse. Stop worrying about what Instagram thinks sexy looks like. Stop comparing yourself to unrealistic photoshopped ads. Quit the porn….quit all the porn.

Instead, lean into your spouse. They know what they like- and that’s you.

Other things on my mind today-

I was talking with the owner at Married Dance about what I should put in a honeymoon basket I’m making for a couple that’s getting married in a few weeks. While we were talking, he told me that many people love the to buy their wedge pillows. These are triangle shaped pillows that help you out with different sex positions.

Hopefully you have a fabulous week! I look forward to talk to you again soon.

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