Have You Taken The Snuggle Challenge?

I wrote about the snuggle experiment that I has conducting on Austin without his knowledge. If you didn’t know, physical touch is his love language, but it can be a bit bothersome to me. I’ve been called a touch-me-not all of my life. For that reason, I’ve had to be really intentional with physical touch.

Don’t confuse physical touch with sexual intimacy. These are actually two separate things. Physical touch is the non-sexual hugs, kisses, and touching that we crave as  humans.

I’ve been taking the snuggle challenge myself for a few weeks, and I’ve had some really startling results. Since I’m not big on this, I didn’t really expect it to do much for me. Really, I was doing this for Austin’s benefit.

You can read the post I wrote about the effects of the snuggle challenge at Love Hope Adventure.

Take The Snuggle Challenge

Take the Snuggle Challenge

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