2 Things You Can Do Tonight to Spice Up Your Sex Life

It is so important to invest in your sex life with your spouse. Every now and then, you can do new things that will keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Today, I want to share two things you can try tonight that will spice things up a bit.

1. Try More Than One Sex Position During Your Session

All married couples have their old stand bys that they enjoy when it comes to sexual intimacy. Why not try another position before you end the way you like. By doing two or three different sex positions in the same session, you and your spouse are sure to feel more excited.

By going with more than one position, you both will need to do a lot of communicating. Also, it will get your blood flowing and keep you from getting too comfortable during your time together.

If you need some new positions to consider, you can check Christian Friendly Sex Positions.  They are a clean website that is void of porn or bad language.

2. Get In Front of the Mirror

Spend some time with your lover in front of the mirror. If you can have sex in front of a mirror, then go for it. However, if there isn’t a way for you to do that, then consider standing in front of the mirror together and looking at one another naked.

You can also use smaller hand held mirrors to help you see what’s going on if you are having a hard time seeing.

By looking at what is going on between you and your spouse in the mirror, you can build up great sexual memories. Later on, you can recall back to the way things looked in your mind.

These are two quick tips on how you can spice things up in your bedroom tonight.

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