Frenulum Oral Stimulation For Men

I think that many women shy away from giving their husband’s oral sex, because they aren’t sure what to do. I can also understand those that don’t want to run a random Google search on giving good head. There’s no telling what types of content you will encounter.

That is why I want to share with you a great oral sex technique for a wife to do on her husband. It is called the Frenulum technique. Check out exactly how to do this over at Married Christian Sex. El Fury explains exactly how to do this able gives you great tips.

Benefits to The Frenulum Oral Sex Technique

There are some great benefits to this technique for both the wife and the husband.

For the wife-

Sometimes, giving your spouse oral sex can be very taxing on your jaws or mouth. The frenulum technique uses your tongue and lips, rather than your entire mouth. You will do a lighter stimulation than what you would normally do with other oral sex positions.

For the husband-

This technique requires the husband to control himself for the orgasm. It leads to a greater sensation and release. Also, it can help the husband to work on lasting longer for his wife.

It is Similar To Clitoral Stimulation

The other great thing about the frenulum technique, is that the wife will lick her husband similarly to how he would lick her clitoris for oral sex. If you are a wife that enjoys oral sex and knows what feels good, it can help you know how to move your tongue on your husband.

The wife can think about what motions feel good to her during oral sex and do those same things for her husband.

Great Way to Start Giving Oral To Your Husband

If you have been holding back on giving your husband oral sex, this is a good place to start. The techniques are lighter and easy to manage.

Just a note to the husband, it takes time for this type of stimulation to feel like anything. It might give him a better understanding of how long it can take his wife’s clitoris to respond to stimulation.

Be sure to check out the article that El Fury wrote. He gives a lot of great tips to husband and wife on how to do this successfully.

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