I need your opinion- What words should you use in the bedroom?

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Austin and I are working on a new bedroom game that we will release in the coming weeks. It is called Lover May I. The point of this game is to get a couple to ask the other person for specific sexual acts.

The problem I’m running into with creating this game is what language to use. I want it to be sexy and sensual, so using clinical terms for erogenous zones seems to kill the mood for me.

Since everyone has a different idea of what kind of language to use, I am feeling a bit stuck on what to write for this game.

What is an Appropriate Bedroom Language?

I’ve talked before about Developing a Bedroom Language with your spouse. This is an agreed upon set of words that you and your spouse use during sex.

Obviously, every couple is different when it comes to the words they use. I wanted to ask your opinion of what words you think I should use for penis, scrotum, vagina, and cliterous. What do you think? Should I use the scientific terms? Or should I go with pet names?

My goal is to help couples get comfortable saying things like- Lover, will you lick my ______________ (Fill in the blank with erogenous zone) or, Lover will you touch my ______________ (fill in the blank with erogenous zone).

Once I release the game, obviously I’ll tell you how to get it. I just want to be sure that I’m not writing something that will offend everyone.

If you have a suggestion or opinion, please leave a message in the comments section or email me at keelie@lovehopeadventure.com. We really want to hear what you have to say.

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