Rear Entry and Oral Sex Positions For Her

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Here’s the thing about sex positions- most of them suck. I mean seriously, you can’t get into these positions if your life depended on it.

Now, not all positions are unreasonable. There are definitely different positions you and your spouse can get into to maximize your enjoyment.

My Suggestion About Trying New Sex Positions

If you want to try a new sex position, I suggest that you have a backup plan. Just because something looks doable, it might not work out. It’s ok if you can’t get into the position, or if you can, it doesn’t do much for you.

Another thing to consider, is that most sex positions that are doable are great for guys, but not always for women. Consider doing something to bring the wife to orgasm before trying the new position. It can actually make the position feel better for her, because she’s excited.

If there is a way to incorporate a vibrator into the position, that can make it more exciting for the wife. Bullet and egg vibrators are small enough for this purpose.

Oral Sex Positions For Her

Oral sex can be really amazing for a woman if she gets in the right frame of mind and the right position. I put together a free pdf describing some of the different positions a woman get in for oral sex. There aren’t pictures in the pdf, so if you have questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll explain more.


Something to consider with oral sex, is that you should arch your back in some way while your husband stimulates your clitoris. By arching your back, it will tighten up your clit and make what he is doing feel better. So, if you are sitting on his face, then you should try leaning backwards.

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Girl On Top Rear Entry

Having a husband enter his wife from behind can be very visually stimulating as well as helps him go deeper. The problem is that this position can be too deep for her comfort. That is why girl on top can be a good idea, because it gives her depth control.

As a note, when you are trying a rear entry position, if you the husband is having a hard time getting in his wife, it is a good idea to use lubrication. Lube will make it easier.

Here is a free pdf that explains the way to do this position.


If the wife feels like rear entry is too deep, the husband can stay still and she can move. Even if she is not in the girl on top position, she can move.

These are a few different positions that you can try that are doable. Hopefully one will work well for you.

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Sexy Truth Or Dare

Sexy Truth or Dare


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