Sex in Marriage is a Need

Last week, I received a comment from a reader that their spouse doesn’t see sex as a need, rather a want. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes, we have this idea that sex is like dessert. It is something you enjoy having, but not necessary to sustain life.

If you want to have a healthy marriage, you have to look at sex as food that the relationship will use to thrive and grow. I talk more about this concept in this video.

Resources For Increasing Libido and Having Better Sex

Bonny over at OysterBed7 writes for low drive wives. She has several resources to help those that are struggling with libido.

Here’s a book she suggests-

The Sex-Starved Marriage

Bonny also has her own book, Unlock Your Libido.

J over at Hot Holy Humorous wrote a book that would be beneficial-

Sex in Marriage by God’s Design

Jay Dee over at Uncovering Intimacy has a great resource-

Becoming a More Sexually Engaged Wife

When you see sex the way God intended it, your marriage will deepen and you will have a healthier relationship.

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