The Sexiest Bedroom Game I Ever Created

I LOOOOVE bedroom games. And you know what’s weird, I never saw myself as someone that would. The first bedroom game Austin and I ever created was the sexiest game we’ve made. I think I feel that way because it is the first game we ever played together. Man, it’s hard to re-create that night, but we like to try!

The game we made is called It’s Getting Hot in Here (so take off all your clothes). What I’ve loved about this game is that every time we’ve played it, it’s different, but just as sexy. All you do is print out the game board and cards, grab one die and use two small objects as markers for the board. Every roll, you move a few spaces and do what the space says to do. Sometimes you get to draw a card and other times you do what’s on the square. As you move through the board, more and more of your clothes come off. 

Austin and I came up with the foreplay moves for the game, but we also created a version that allows you to write in your own ideas. You can grab it here. Honestly, it was super hot to come up with our own ideas. It made us feel so excited about playing the game later. 

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