Tell Your Spouse You Want to Have Sex

Have you ever tried to initiate lovemaking and it your spouse didn’t respond the way you were hoping? I think we have all been there a time or two on this one.
You think you have clearly communicated your desires, but your spouse doesn’t pick up on it. One of the biggest areas couples struggle to communicate well in, is in their sex life. In the movies, everyone seems to be on the same page with sexual desires.

Here in the real world, it is much different than that.

In movies, if you see someone start kissing, you know they are going to take their clothes off. In the real world, you aren’t going to have sex every time you kiss. This is why I think it can become so confusing for a couple.
You are likely going to show some amount of physical affection towards your spouse that doesn’t lead to intercourse.
How are they supposed to know the difference between you getting a little hot and heavy and actually wanting to take to the next step if you don’t come out and say it?

Can We Have Sex?

Maybe you don’t feel it will kill the moment for you to use the words, “Can we have sex?”, but I think it is better to be clear with your intentions then to walk away disappointed when you try to initiate and your spouse doesn’t understand.
You might decide you want to come up with some code words to let your spouse know you are in the mood. Then you can have that conversation earlier in the night so that you both have a chance to mentally prepare for physical intimacy later on.

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