Ways to Have Hot Sex- For Those Days You Want to Savor It

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Do you ever have those times where you crave hot sex? Maybe you feel super sexy and want to express that. It could be that you deeply desire to pro-long your lovemaking session to savor the moments with your spouse.

There are many different flavors of sex, like funny, comfortable, or slow sex. Then there’s hot sex. It’s the passionate lovemaking that makes you go after pleasing your lover with everything you’ve got. It’s the kind that drives you wild when you think back about it.

If you’re in the mood for hot sex, here’s a few things you can try.

Create a Sexy Environment


Hot sex starts with the right setting. Light a few scented candles, cut on the right amount of light, and play something sultry.

Put on something that makes you feel sexy. Lingerie is as much for you as it is for your spouse. This goes for both the husband and wife. Check out the two posts I wrote, one for husbands and one for wives, about lingerie ideas.

Play an Adult Bedroom Game

One of the easiest ways to have hotter sex is to spend more time on foreplay. The longer you take to get to orgasm, the sexier you will feel. Playing adult bedroom games can help the desire build up.

Here are some of my favorite games:


Edging is when you bring your spouse to the verge of orgasm and then back off. After they have calmed down a little bit, then you start again. When you bring your spouse to edge a few times, it can make the orgasm even better.

You will have to practice at this one, because edging too many times can kill it for you. Over stimulation can occur, making it impossible to orgasm. That is disappointing. The first few times, only delay it once or twice to see how you do.

Use Prompts To Create a Sexual Adventure


If you are really creative, you can use word prompts to create a sexual adventure. Married Christian Sex has an online sex adventure generator that will give you the prompts needed. Or you can use sex dice to determine your next moves.

Sexy Talk

Many call this dirty talk, but basically you will use a language you have agreed upon ahead of time to turn each other on. If you and your spouse do not typically use vulgar language, then you need to figure out which words are ok and which ones aren’t. You can use this Bedroom language worksheet that I created to decide which words you like.

Bedroom Language Worksheet

Play around with sexy talk. It might feel weird at first, but the more aroused you become, the more natural it will be.


Moan and Make Noises

Moaning in your lover’s ear can be a huge turn on for them and you. In fact, making noises and moaning can lead to stronger orgasm. Be intentional with making noises while you are having sex. Purposefully moaning and breathing heavy can get your mind where it needs to be.

Record Yourself Making Noises to Play Later


If you are worried about being heard, you can always consider recording the noises ahead of time and playing them while you are making love. Or better yet, the next time you have sex, you can record the noise to play next time you are together. Then you can make sure that the sound is low enough that it won’t be heard, but it will give you the same effect.

I encourage you to not play soundtracks with other people making sexual noises. You should get turned on your spouse and not others. That is why making your own soundtrack can be a good idea.

These are some of the ways that you can have hot sex when you are craving it. Take time to slow down and savor your lover.

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