Ways to Make Oral Sex Better With Your Spouse

Some people have a hard time with oral sex for a number of reasons. It can range from not knowing how to give their spouse good oral sex to feeling reserve about cleanliness; and everything in between. Whether you are confident about giving and receiving oral or not, there are things you can do to make it better.

Get Clean

It will make both you and your spouse feel better if you have cleaned up ahead of time. Before you come to the bed, take time to really clean yourself up. Add your favorite fragrance to your body, but avoid areas where your spouse will kiss you.

Look at What’s Going On

If you are the one receiving oral sex, it can add to the experience to see what’s going on. Get in front of a mirror or use a handheld mirror so you can get a better look. The right lighting is also key, so make sure it’s not too dark.

Stare In Your Lover’s Eyes

The person that is giving oral sex to their spouse should periodically look up to catch their eyes. Even if it is a brief moment, locking eyes with your lover makes it more intimate.

Don’t Be Afraid to Give Instructions

Whether you are giving or receiving, don’t be afraid to tell your spouse what you need out of them. The person that is giving might need their lover to get into a different position so they can reach them better. The one receiving might need the motions harder, softer, faster, so on.

Try Different Positions

There is more than one way to position yourself while receiving oral sex. Christian Friendly Sex Positions have a few great position ideas for men and women.

Oral Sex Positions for Women

Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

Blazing Saddles

Under the Sink

Oral Sex Positions for Men

Throat Swab


Jack Hammer

With these different positions, you might find that something feels better than others.

If you are in need of helps on how to feel more comfortable with giving one another oral sex, you can try these tips.

How to feel more comfortable pleasing one another with mouths


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