Ways You Can Get in the Mood for Sex in a Hurry

I’m not saying that love making should be rushed through or hurried along all of the time. I know that sometimes, you do want to get in the mood quickly, because time is limited.

The tips I have are geared towards women more than men. I’m not saying that men don’t have a hard time getting in the mood, I just can’t personally speak to what will help them. I’m pretty sure that having a sexually excited wife will go a long way.

These are my top ideas for women who want to get in the mood quickly.

Pick a sex fragrance


Have you caught a whiff of something that whisked you away to another place and time? Certain smells can bring up memories.

Select a fragrance that you only wear during sex and put it on every time. If you don’t want to wear a particular scent, then burn a candle. Over time, your mind will associate that scent with love making.

Of course, that is not an immediate solution until you build up the habit, but some scents are natural aphrodisiacs, like jasmine and vanilla.

Play a Sexy Bedroom Game

You can really get in the mood with a sexy bedroom game. Just take a few minutes to read over the foreplay moves and you are sure to feel excited. I have a few games that you can have for free when you sign up for the newsletter I send out through my sister site at Love Hope Adventure.

Free access to my couples bedroom games

Put on something sexy

Whether you put on lingerie or wear a sexy outfit, put on something that tells your brain it is time to have sex. You can get yourself in the right frame of mind by dressing in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.

Play the right music


Similar to what you would do with a fragrance, you can associate sexual arousal with music. Pick something that isn’t distracting to play while you have sex. When you hear it in the future, it will help your mind shift.

Some music is already designed to help you feel sexy and aroused. Instrumental jazz music with heavy saxophone is my favorite. Do what works for you.

Stand in front of the mirror naked with your spouse. Take time to look at yourself and your spouse standing in front of the mirror without your clothes on. Both men and women are visually stimulated. Drink in the way you both look together and you will feel aroused.

It is also helpful to look at each other while you are making love. Get in front of a mirror so you have something to visualize.

Spend a few minutes on foreplay

You don’t have to take hours on foreplay, but spend a few minutes on it. Do the things that you enjoy, whether it is kissing, hugging, or caressing each other in a tender way. Take a couple of minutes to indulge each other.

I talked about this on Periscope the other day. If you want to find out what else I had to say, you can take a look at the replay on Katch.


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