What to Do If You Can’t Find Lingerie That You Like?

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I was recently asked if I have any tips in regards to wear to get lingerie or something sexy to wear in the bedroom. This is an area where I don’t know if I have anything revolutionary to say, because I have a hard time finding lingerie to fit me.

Sexy Outfits Can Be a Good Alternative to Lingerie

However, what I try to focus on the most when it comes to this area, is to create sexy outfits. I’ve had a lot of hit and miss luck when it comes to finding lingerie that fits me and feels comfortable.

For the most part, I get creative with I own or can find at the thrift store since that is where I do most of my shopping. In general, I put together outfits that I wouldn’t ever wear out of the house. I’m a pretty modest person in general, so it doesn’t take much for me to come up with something that my husband is going to see as out of the ordinary.

If you are having a hard time getting things that make you feel like you look good or fit you properly, I suggest you do the same. Both husbands and wives can apply this principal so that it they can look great for their spouse.


Sexy Dresses

I saw some really cute dresses on Amazon that you can check out. These dresses looked nice.

Wear Just Accessories

Another thing you can do is to just wear accessories. Put on-

Then, don’t wear anything else at all. That is something both you and your husband can do. Get as creative as you like with your accessories.

Not sure that you feel comfortable with your body enough to wear lingerie? We all have body image issues. That is why I am choosing to celebrate my stomach this year. I hope it will encourage you to celebrate your body.



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