Which Music is Best For Sex?

It’s not very often that we use music during sex, but it can be great for certain situations. If you are trying to drown out the noise from outside of your room, it can be really helpful. Or, it might be a great way to get in the mood. If you play the same kind of music every time you have sex, it can do the same thing for you that sex fragrances can do. 

When I’m looking for the right kind of music for sex, there are a few things I keep in mind:

Upbeat Music For Foreplay

Anything I can dance to is fair game if we’re using music for foreplay. Have fun with the time you spend together in foreplay. It’s ok to be silly, flirty, or even sexy. You might even consider something you can dance to together. 

Instrumental Only During Sex

If there is music playing that I know the words to, it can be hard for me to focus on what I’m doing. For that reason, the music I go with can’t have lyrics that are going to distract me. For that matter, I try to stay away from lyrics that aren’t focused on love. Breakup songs or other depressing subject matter isn’t your best option. 

Instrumental Jazz Music

Instrumental jazz is my personal preference for romantic music. Of course, I still have to find the right rhythm, because some jazz is fairly upbeat. I always go for soft and slow beats that feature a saxophone.

There are plenty of other types of instrumental music you can go with if jazz isn’t your thing. I usually put on a youtube playlist. Here’s one of my favorites:

Stick With Songs That Bring You Good Vibes

Music can cause you to bounce into another time before you know it. Only play songs that remind you of good times in your marriage and life. It can be a real mood killer to play something that reminds you of a high school break up or another tragedy. 

Pick The Right Pace

Pretty much everyone moves to the beat of music. Choose something that will go at the pace you want to move during your times of intimacy. You’ll want to stay away from things that are really fast, because it’ll be hard to move at the right speed.  

Just Try Something

When you choose music for sexy times, just try something and see what you think. Like anything in sex, give it a go and see how you respond to it. You might find you really love listening to music during intimate times. 

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